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About OnlineSeoTrainings.com


OnlineSeoTrainings.com is an online training platform offering instructor-free short terms SEO trainings and downloadable self-study courses in Search Engine Optimization and other Search Engine Marketing subjects. The courses are offered entirely online, to be taken at a student's own pace, in a time-frame that suits them. You have the choice of taking a tutor-free Certification course.  Your progress will be tracked by, grading your assignments given to you followed by test and award formal certification should you qualify; or a self-study course. Our SEO training programs are open to persons worldwide. OnlineSeoTrainings.com is owned by hosting and domain registration firm and managed by a team of dedicated professionals, led by search engine optimization industry experts.


Here at OnlineSeoTrainings.com we offer a range of search engine marketing programs and search engine positioning programs designed to teach you everything you need to know about successfully promoting a web site via search engines. Course topics include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click search engine advertising (PPC), website copywriting, website usability, keyword research, link building strategies and article marketing & distribution. Because the topics of search engine optimization and pay-per-click search engine advertising tend to be quite complex, we offer both Starter and Advanced programs in these subjects.



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Mode of Instructions


Participants will self learn using recommended study material provided through email (Soft Copy) or courier services (Printed Version).


Reporting and Feedback


Assess and measure the participants performance on the basis of assignments given during the training program and professional competency. Certification will be awarded to participants upon successful completion of the required benchmarks.


What We Expect From YOU


* Dedicate specified working days for the successful completion of the course;

* Have passion and interest in online marketing, business and its concepts;

* Understand the concepts of Internet, Email and Chatting;

* Basics of MS Word and MS Excel;

* Having a good written English skills will be advantageous.


Certification for a Global Recognition


Invest in a career in SEO and build a secure future with an OnlineSEOTrainings.com certification. An Online SEO Trainings certification next to your title speaks volumes of your dedication to quality and is a reliable standard of your skills. Certified as an OnlineSeoTrainings.com’s SEO Professional, you are equipped with the recognition you need to excel in your career, win over competitors and increase your potential for a higher salary.