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If you are serious about bringing targeted quality traffic to your website, this is for YOU!

Learn the Secrets, Fast Track Proven SEO Techniques

Beginners Program in Search Engine Optimization

If you like your site should appear higher in the search results pages for your target keywords, and want to optimize your own website rather than pay a professional SEO company. Not sure where to begin or what's involved? Want to learn Search Engine Optimization from the start? Then our Online SEO Training program is for you.


Ensure your web site is search engine compatible and designed to attract the targeted visitors. Our beginners online SEO training program will give you the knowledge necessary to optimize your web site to obtain better search engine ranking on the world's most popular search engines and directories for target keywords and phrases. It will also show you how to monitor and maintain successful search engine rankings once you've achieved them.  This onlineSEOtraining.com program will provide you with an understanding of how to choose your keywords, write your content and design your web pages so your site attracts more targeted visitors who are ready to buy from you or sign up for your services from the moment they arrive.


Our online SEO training program will give you the knowledge necessary to set up, monitor and maintain a successful search engine marketing campaign and obtain better web site search engine ranking on the world's most popular search engines and directories. (If you are already familiar with the basics of search engine optimisation / optimization, we recommend you take our online SEO advanced training program).


Syllabus for the program


Lecture 1 = Introduction to SEO

Lecture 2 = Search Engine Basics

Lecture 3 = SEO Requirements Gathering

Lecture 4 = Keyword Research

Lecture 5 = Title and META Tag Creation

Lecture 6 = SEO Copywriting

Lecture 7 = SEO Integration

Lecture 8 = Search Engine and Directory Submission

Lecture 9 = Search Engine Spam

Lecture 10 = SEO Reporting and Conversion


Duration                       : Self paced 15 Days


Eligibility Criteria     : Any Graduate OR Higher Degree


Course Contents     :

                                    - 15 Lectures

                                                - 3 Assignments

                                               - 1 interactive online exam



Fees                         : INR 10,500/-







** Program FEE is Non Refundable **


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