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Advance Program in Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites (SNS) let people create online connections with others. Communities usually begin as small groups of individuals who invite others to become part of their own personal networks, and who then invite more people, so that the total number of members and links in the network grows.  In addition to basic personal information held in a profile, members are encouraged to add additional descriptive information about themselves to build their identity and interact in different ways - through email, messaging, discussion groups and so on. The growth of social networking sites has been explosive; millions of users who have accounts on social network sites.  Some of the most well known ones include Facebook, LInkedIn, MySpace and Twitter. There are now a huge number of ready-made public as well as private social networking sites which you can join, as well as tools/systems to build your own social networks. Which tool is best depends on a number of factors not least the functionality and its cost. The functionality of social networking tools and platforms varies quite considerably - from simply enabling members to connect with one another, to providing full collaboration functionality for its members.


Topics of study during this program:


1 = An Introduction to Social Media - Small Business and Social Media

2= The Basics of Social Networking

3 = Your Web Site and The Social Web

4 = The Growth of Social Networks

5 = Social Media and Marketing

6 = Essential Social Networks

7 = Prepare for Social Marketing

8 = Social Media in Marketing

9 = Building a Social Media Campaign

10 = Facebook Advertising: How and Why You Should Be Using It

11 = Developing a Facebook Marketing Strategy

12 = Twitter and Microblogging

13 = Social Networking, Social News and Bookmarking

14 = Strategy, Tactics, Practice and Measurement

15 = Tools for Social Networking


Duration                    : Self paced 20 Days


Eligibility Criteria     : Any Graduate OR Higher Degree


Essential                   : Working Knowledge of MS Word Net Surfing


Course Contents       :

                                    - 20 Lectures

                                    - 1 Assignment

                                   - 1 interactive online exam


Program Fees           : INR 12,500/-


What You Will Learn:


- Introduction to Social Media

- Listening and Monitoring

- Content Creation for Social Media

- How to promote your Business

- Adopting Social Media

- Connecting with organization

- Effective use of social media by businesses

Who should take this program: